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You will find this setting at Dashboard -> Support -> Settings ->Captcha. Below are settings available: Allow Captcha If set “Enable”, it enables captcha in create ticket page. Recaptcha Type It selects the captcha type for supportcandy on create ticket page. The following are the two options to select the captcha type. SupportCandy Captcha – It loads...

Email piping setup

There are two email piping methods available: IMAPGmail IMAP Method This is the most popular protocol to import emails. Also, it is very fast because emails are being imported from the same server most of the time where the website is hosted. You will need following information to set up the connection: Email AddressPasswordIncoming mail...

Email Piping Settings

Block Emails You can block the emails using this setting. The emails listed in this setting will not able to create or reply to tickets. You can insert a full email address or patterns like *@paypal.com, [email protected]*, etc. Add one email per line. Ignore emails having these words in subject You can block the emails...

Basic Email Settings

You will find this setting at Dashboard -> Support -> Email Notifications -> General Settings. Below are the settings available: From Name It is the sender’s name shown in the email notification a recipient will get. It can be your company name, website name, your personal name, etc. From Email It is the email address from...

Agent Setup

By default all administrator user roles gets added as administrator agents but you may need to divide your workload by adding agents to reply ticket for your website. See below video for how you can do this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMP7SwyHVdw Agent Roles Agent Roles are set of permissions an agent can have in SupportCandy. You can...

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