Basic Email Settings

You will find this setting at Dashboard -> Support -> Email Notifications -> General Settings. Below are the settings available:

From Name

It is the sender’s name shown in the email notification a recipient will get. It can be your company name, website name, your personal name, etc.

From Email

It is the email address from which your emails will be sent from. We highly recommend having a setup SMTP plugin to deliver emails correctly for authentication so that mails will not go in the spam or junk folder.

Reply to

It is an optional setting which when set, email replies from recipients will come to this email address. If not set, an email reply will be sent to From Email set above.

Ignore Emails

Many times you might not want to send email notifications to some email addresses. You can add those email addresses one per line in this setting. The new email should begin on a new line. You can insert email patterns like *@paypal.com, [email protected]*, etc. For example,

*@paypal.com*, it will be true if the email address contains @paypal.com word anywhere

*@paypal.com, it will be true if the email address ends with @paypal.com word at the end

paypal.com*, it will be true if the email address starts with paypal.com word

Email sending preference

  1. Instant – The email notifications will be sent instantly when a ticket is created/reply
  2. Background – The email notification will be sent when a cron job is called. You can decide the number of emails is sent for each cron job call.
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