You will find this setting at Dashboard -> Support -> Settings ->Captcha. Below are settings available:

Allow Captcha

If set “Enable”, it enables captcha in create ticket page.

Recaptcha Type

It selects the captcha type for supportcandy on create ticket page. The following are the two options to select the captcha type.

  1. SupportCandy Captcha – It loads the default captcha for SupportCandy in create ticket page.
  2. Google reCaptcha – It loads Google recaptcha in create ticket page.

Steps to set-up Google Recaptcha in order to get site key and secret key –

  1. Click here to signup for google recaptcha.
  2. In Register a new site, Enter your site name in label field.
  3. Choose the type of recaptcha and Enter your domain(s) for example, localhost, yourdomain.com, etc in domain field.
  4. Click on Register. You will get secret and site keys. Copy these keys and paste them into captcha setitngs.

Once these steps are completed, it will automatically display recaptcha before submit button. Here, most users will simply be able to click the checkbox and proceed while some may be prompted with an additional challenge before proceeding.