Custom fields for ticket form

Default ticket form is not always useful. You may need to get more information from user while creating ticket. We call it as custom fields. See below video to know how you can create custom field in SupportCandy:

Field Label

It is label or title of custom field to be shown in create ticket form.

Extra Information

It is small extra information shown below field label in create ticket form. You can use this option to provide information or instructions about the field for user while creating ticket.

Personal Information

Set whether custom field is accepting personal information of user. e.g. mobile number, address, etc. It is needed for GDPR compliance of the plugin.

Field Type

There are 10 different custom fields types below:

  1. Text Field
  2. Drop Down
  3. Checkbox
  4. Radio Button
  5. Textarea
  6. Date – accept date using calendar input.
  7. URL – accept and validate URL from user.
  8. Email – accept and validate Email from user.
  9. Number Only – accept and validate number only from user.
  10. File Attachment – accept files in custom field.


If set Yes, user must enter this custom field in create ticket form in order to submit the ticket.


You can set width of the field in create ticket form.


You may need to show some fields based on earlier input in the create ticket form. You can set conditions to match for custom field for its visibility. It is visible if no conditions set or any one of the added condition matched.