Email Piping Settings

Block Emails

You can block the emails using this setting. The emails listed in this setting will not able to create or reply to tickets. You can insert a full email address or patterns like *@paypal.com, [email protected]*, etc. Add one email per line.

Ignore emails having these words in subject

You can block the emails using this setting. If the listed words found in email subject then the email will not be imported to the ticketing system. You can add words like spam, payment, or use patterns like abc,*xyz*,*abc,xyz* etc. Add one pattern per line.

For example,

*critical*, it will be true if the subject contains critical word anywhere

*critical, it will be true if the subject contains the critical word in the end

critical*, it will be true if the subject starts with a critical word

Allowed User Emails

Using this setting you can restrict the guest users from creating a ticket using email. It has following two options:

  1. Anyone (including guest users): Registered and guest users can create a ticket
  2. Registered Users Only: Only registered users can create a ticket

Cron Execution Time

The plugin will check for new emails after a given number of minutes. This setting is useful when you are using the external cron method.

Email Body

Email clients send email body in both text and html format. You can select in which format you want the email content. We recommend using text format to parse exact reply from the sender. If you wish to use html format, it will load full html content along with email history (we stripe css and javascript in html for safety).

Forwarding Emails

It is not possible to pipe multiple email addresses. But can forward emails to your email piping address. For example, you have piped [email protected] and forwarded emails of [email protected], [email protected] to piped address then list [email protected], [email protected] in this setting. You have to add one email per line.

From email in email notification to customer

If set Original, email address to which customer sent an email originally will be used as From email in an email notification to customer for the ticket created. e.g. You have piping set for [email protected] and forwarded all incoming emails from [email protected], [email protected], etc. to [email protected] to create ticket. In case, user sent an email to [email protected] he will receive an email notificatification from [email protected] instead of default set in email notification setting.

Accept Emails

You can decide which type of emails you want to pipe.

  1. New Emails: Users can create tickets but will not able to reply to ticket using email
  2. Reply Emails: Users can’t create tickets but only reply to existing tickets
  3. All Emails: New and reply emails will be piped

Import CC as additional recipients

If enabled, CC emails found in an incoming email will be added as additional recipients to a ticket.