Email piping setup

There are two email piping methods available:

  1. IMAP
  2. Gmail

IMAP Method

This is the most popular protocol to import emails. Also, it is very fast because emails are being imported from the same server most of the time where the website is hosted. You will need following information to set up the connection:

  1. Email Address
  2. Password
  3. Incoming mail server
  4. Port number

Almost every email provider gives IMAP settings and it is less than 5 minutes required to connect as shown in the below screen-shot:

Please note if the plugin not able to create a connection then try to configure your email piping email in any email client like thunderbird, outlook, apple mail, etc. If it is successfully configured in the email client then please use the same details to configure email piping.

The php-imap module is required to be enabled on your server in order to work IMAP method.

Gmail Method

Gmail IMAP is not reliable and you need to enable less secure apps access in settings of google account which is a threat to google account security. Google has given Rest APIs for their various products to access data securely with user consent. As there are lots of users who use Gmail as their email provider for sending and receiving emails, it was necessary to have this method for them.

Follow the steps given in settings to create a Gmail piping connection.