Permission Settings

With the new IK Project Manager version 2.4.4, we are introducing new individual user capability,

  • No Capability for the user
  • PM Admin
  • PM Manager

So, let us explain how the new user capabilities work.

User Capabilities (Old Version)

So, in the old version, there were two types of capabilities,

  1. Project Managing Capability
  2. Project Creation Capability
old user role capability

So, the roles selected under these two capabilities had the privilege of Project Managing Capability or Project Creation Capability.

However, there were some drawbacks. For example,

Suppose you have two employees, employee A, and employee B. Both are given the Administrator role. However, you want to give the capability to manage all the projects and the capability to create projects.

But, how are you going to separate those capabilities as both have the same role?

That is why we have introduced this individual role capabilities.

User Capabilities (New Version)

With the new version, you can give individual capabilities to employees and B.

That means you can assign employee the PM Admin capability. So, employee will have the project managing capability.

Similarly, you can assign employee the PM Manager capability so that he/she can have the project creation capability.

new capability

The PM Admin can see all the global settings & options of the IK Project Manager. Whereas, the PM Manager doesn’t have access to the global Settings option of WP Project Manager.

How To Assign New Capabilities

To assign the new user capabilities individually, navigate to Users-> All Users. Select the employee you want to assign the capability to. Click on Edit.


Now, if you scroll down, you will see the Capability option. Select one.

new capability

Now, if you choose the PM Admin capability, the employee will see all the global options of IK Project manager. Something like this,

PM Admin

PM Admin

If you choose the PM Manager capability, the employee will see all the global options of IK Project manager excluding Settings. Something like this,

PM manager

PM Manager

For No Capability for this user,

no role

No Capability for this user

Remember, this only applies to the global options of IK Project Manager. That means this is only for the outside of the project.

Inside the project, PM Admin and PM Manager have the same capabilities. Like, adding task lists, creating tasks, deleting tasks, etc.

Updating Process

You must be thinking that you have to assign all the user capabilities one by one after updating to the new version of IK Project Manager.

It’s not like that.

After you have updated to the new version, the employees who have the project managing capability will automatically be assigned the PM Admin capability. That means,

Project Managing Capability -> PM Admin.

And, employee who have the project creation capability will be assigned the PM Manager capability.

Project Creating Capability -> PM Manager.

That’s all about giving permissions to different user roles in IK Project Manager.