Recurring Appointments in the Amelia Booking Plugin

Recurring Appointments feature gives your customers the ability to book appointment that repeats by choosing the date and the time for the first appointment and then selecting type of the recurrence and number of repeating all in one booking process.

Creating Recurring Service

In order to enable recurring booking for one certain service you will need to set couple of new options in the Service modal. Go to the Service page, click “Add Service” or edit the existing one and in the Service Details tab you will see “Set recurring appointment” option. By default “Disabled” is chosen in the selectbox. Beside “Disabled” you will have four more options:

  • “All” – this option allows your customers to choose one of all recurring options: daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • “Daily” – if you select this option customers will only have option to setup daily appointment recurrence. Customer can choose whether appointment will repeat every day, every 2 days, every 3 days etc., and also to choose the date until appointment will repeat or to choose number of repeatings.

“Weekly” – if you select just weekly option customers will be able to setup weekly recurrence. Customer will have option to setup repeating to be every week, every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks etc., and also be able to choose multiple days in the week when appointment will repeat. Same as for the all recurrence types customer will be able to setup date until appointment will repeat or choose number of times for repeating.

Please note: Unavailable dates set in employee’s working hours will be disabled and customer will be able to choose only repeating for days when the service is provided.

Monthly” – if you select monthly repeating customer will be able to set monthly recurrence. Customer will have similar options like for the other recurrence types, the only difference here is that customer will be able to choose whether the appointment will repeat on the same specific date or on the same day in the first second, third, fourth or last week.

Once Recurring option is enabled two new options will appear:

  • “Handle unavailable recurring dates” – where you can choose action that will be done if one of the dates is unavailable. You have three options here:
    • “Recommend the closest date after” – in the case when the date is unavailable the plugin will recommend the closest date after that date.
    • “Recommend the closest date before” – same as the above just the plugin will recommend the closest date before.
    • “Recommend the closest date before or after” – plugin will recommend the closest date before or after that date.

Please note: If the same date has available time slots before or after the chosen time slot the plugin will recommend the closest time slot at the same date no matter which option you have chosen here.

  • “Handle recurring appointment payments” with two options:
    • “Customers will have to pay only for the first appointment” – where price calculation will be shown for all appointments but customer will need to pay only for the first one.
    • “Customers will have to pay for all appointments at once” – where customer will need to pay for all recurring appointments at once.

On the picture above the default set of options is shown.

  • “Daily” – with this option customers will be able to set daily recurrence (every day, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days etc.)
  • “Weekly” – with this option customers will be able to set weekly recurrence (every week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks etc.) and to choose several days in the week when the appointment will repeat.

Setting up recurring list in the notifications

In order to send the list of recurring appointments in your notifications you need to copy and paste %recurring_appointments_details% placeholder to the notifications. Once you do that go to the Settings page, open Appointments Settings and you will see option “Recurring placeholders”. By default in this field you will have just %appointment_date_time% placeholder which means that the list of recurring appointments will be sent just with date and time of each appointment. If you want some additional data to be sent in the list, all you need to do is to copy the placeholders from the notification page here and the list of recurring appointments will be sent with those data.

Booking the recurring appointments

Once you setup everything above your service will now get option for customer to schedule the recurring bookings. Once customer chooses the service and proceeds to the calendar with available dates the recurring option will be chosen.

Customer needs to choose date and time slot and then enable “Repeat this appointment” option before he clicks “Continue”.

If the “Repeat this appointment” option is enabled the customer will see another step in the booking form to setup recurrence (this step is shown above in the part where service settings are explained for each type of the recurrence).

After the customer choose recurrence and proceed to the next step the list of recurring appointments will be shown with option to edit or delete each of the recurring appointment.

If some appointment isn’t available the adjusted time will be set and the whole appointment will be marked so the customer can know if he wants to change it or delete it.

Using coupons with recurring appointments

Using coupons for recurring appointments will be possible based on the settings that you set on the coupon side. If you set large coupon limit and don’t set limit by each customer, your customers will be able to use coupon for all recurring appointments no matter if they are paying just the first one or all of them. However, if you set limit and customer during the booking reaches that limit a message that a coupon limit is reached will be shown with a notice about the number of appointments on which the coupon has been applied.

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