Ticket Notifications

Ticket notifications means email notifications sent for ticket events such as create ticket, reply ticket, change status, etc. SupportCandy adds few notifications while installation but most probably you may need to change or add more notifications.

Below are details of all options available in notification setup:


It is the label to show in the notification list for you to recognize this notification.


It is nothing but an event for which you want to send email notifications.

  1. New Ticket – sent after a new ticket is created
  2. Ticket Reply – sent after a reply added to a ticket
  3. Change Ticket Status – sent after ticket status is changed
  4. Assign Agent – sent after an agent is assigned to a ticket
  5. Delete Ticket – sent after a ticket is deleted
  6. Private Note – sent after a private note added to a ticket
  7. Change Ticket Category – sent after ticket category changed
  8. Change Ticket Priority – sent after ticket priority changed

Email Subject

As name suggests, it will be subject to the email sent to recipient. You can use Macros for the ticket in subject such as {ticket_subject}, {ticket_id}, any custom field macro tag, etc. so that it gets dynamically replaced which sending an actual email.

Email Body

It will be the body of email notification sent to the recipient. You can use macros to replace dynamically while actually sending email notifications. Click on “Insert Macros” link to get the list of all possible macros.


These are users who will get emails for this notification. Select the recipients to whom you want to sent the email. Below are some examples of recipients:

  1. Customer – Generally, it is user who raised a ticket.
  2. Assigned Agent – Agent(s) who are assigned to the ticket.
  3. Administrator – Agent Role users for this role.
  4. Agent – Agent Role users for this role.
  5. Additional Ticket Recipients – Email address added in additional recipients list in an open ticket.

Additional Recipients

Further if you want to set recipients, you can insert emails one per line in this setting.


You may want to send email notifications only when some conditions matched. This is very powerful setting for you to set conditions which will only allow system to send this notification when matched.