Sales Specialist

Help us to make every business awesome by joining our IdeaKit Sales Team.
Our goal is to enable every business to have the website they need for their business through our IdeaKit Website Kits.
To do this we need your help to reach new clients and tell them about IdeaKit and the website kits.
Become an IdeaKit Sales Specialist and help us make businesses awesome. Connect with business of all sizes and tell them about IdeaKit and help them learn about our Website Kits and pick the one that is best for their business.

Sales Specialist Responsibilities

  • Help perspecting clients to understand IdeaKit
  • Help clients pick a website kit for their business
  • Respond to potential client leads
  • attend virtual and physical lead events.


  • People person. You will meet and speak to a lot of people.
  • Communication.


  • Computer
  • Stable internet connection
  • Away to attend physical events


Job Title

Sales Specialist


Washington DC

Virtual meetings

Virtual Events

Physical Events



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