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Add new products, services, or digital download to your IdeaKit store.

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Have an Specialist add a new item or items to your store.

E-commerce Setup

Let our IdeaKit Specialist setup your website e-commerce experince for you. Save time and work with the pros while you focus o the important stuff. Running your business.

The Process

Connect and Share

After ordering your service and go your hub page. Click your new project to schedule your consultaion with an specialist. Share your new item(s) you would like added.



Upload your product media (pictures, videos,) and information about your product.


Once your new product info is added to your project, your specialist will create your new product page(s).

Review and Enjoy

After your new product is added you can review it and suggest changes you would like. Then start selling.


simple pricing, with no counting hours, or suprise invoices. Plus, includes consult time, setup, adding products, and revisions.

Getting Started

To get started select your setup level and make your 25% deposit, or use affirm for monthly payments .


1 year of free hosting requires a matching website kit. For example and essential level website kit and essential setup.

Free domain only with quanilfing hosting service.

Monlthy payment plans require qualification from funding provider.


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