IdeaKit Setup


Save time and stress of setting up your new website kit. Let a skilled specialist setup your website features and customize your website design for you. So you can focus on other things, Like running a business.

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Let the Pro’s Do It


Save time and let our IdeaKit Specialist setup your website for you.

Take the stress out of starting your business website and let our IdeaKit Specialist design and setup your website features for you.

Skilled Designers

Forget trying to be your own website designer. Trying to figure how to setup features and display content.

Our team of skilled designers are ready to make your content shine. While you do things like run your business.

One year of hosting included

To keep things awesome we will also included one year of hosting for your website when a specialist sets it up for you.

Multiple payment options

Pay all at once or over a year with Affirm financing and Paypal Credit. spread your website design cost over a year.

Project Space

Everything about your project in one place. The project space is where you and your specialist work on your website. Upload your media, reach your specialist, and track your website progress from one place.

The Process

Share your vision

Start with an consultation with an IdeaKit Specialist. Who will work with you to get an understanding your business and how you can use your IdeaKit features for your business.

Then with your IdeaKit Specialist you will review and select a starting design for your website and make a sitemap (visual layout of page order) of your website. Share your design ideas and how you imagine the flow and features of your website to work for your business.

Collect and build

After your consultation you will be ready to start uploading your content (videos, pictures, documents) for your website. Your Specialist will use this to construct your pages and setup features.

Review and Launch

After your website and features are setup you review and request revsions for changes.

Grow and stay up to date

Use our Specialist services to reach new clients. Our specialist can do all sorts of things to help your grow and maintain customer relationships.

Build an online marketing and ad plans for your business. Create newsletters for your clients. Setup new features, create landing pages, logo and grphics and more.

Getting Started

To get started select your setup level and make your 25% deposit, or apply financing.

Then schedule your designer consultation from your confirmation email.


1 year of free hosting requires a matching website kit. For example and essential level website kit and essential setup.

Free domain only with quanilfing hosting service.

Monlthy payment plans require qualification from funding provider.