New Membership/Subscription


Have a specialist create a new membership or subscription to your website.

Pay a 25% deposit per item

Need a new membership add to your website? Work with a IdeaKit Specialist to create your new membership for you.


Free and paid memberships


Paid subscriptions


Assign user role on registration


Assign to group on registration*


Corporate accounts with multiple users *


Offer sign up coupons


Consult & Gather

After paying your deposit you will schedule your Zoom or Google Meet video meeting with a specialist. During your meeting tell your specialist your goals for your new membership and start submitting any content you may have ready.

Create & Review

After your meeting your specialist will create your new membership. Once completed together you will review your new membership, perform a test registration, and do any revisions you may need.

Publish & Enjoy

With your new membership complete, you can start sharing your it with your clients and users. Plus you get 3 days to request final revisions.

How long will it take?

New memberships are completed in 48 hours. You can have your new paged rushed or expidited if you need it sooner.

  • Standard 48 hours + $0.00 100% 100%
  • Rush 24 hours + $25.00 65% 65%

Get Started

You can get start by paying a 25% deposit, Then you’ll be taken to the scheduling screen to schedule your meeting with a specialist to start planning your new membership.


Pay a 25% deposit per item


  • Other services will be billed separately.
  • The service does not include setup of membership plugin.
  • * Some features are dependant on IdeaKit subscition and package features.
  • Project time starts after consultation
  • Completion time is dependent on you returning required content time to meet time goals.
  • Any time spent waiting for you to submit or return content or information does not count towards your time goals.