New Post


Keep your user up to date with your services, products, and information. Work with an specialist to design and add a new post for your website.

Pay a 25% deposit per item

Let an IdeaKit Specialist create your new post for you.

Take the stress out of keeping your website content updated. Working with an IdeaKit Specialist who will work with you to plan your new post, the content, layout, and will create your page for you.

Post vs Page

Which do I need?


Pages are static and are not affected by date. Think of them as more permanent fixtures of your site — an About page, a Contact page, and a Home page are great examples of this. You may also have a Blog page which is used to display your posts!

Go to pages ->


Posts are entries listed in reverse chronological order on your site. Think of them as articles or updates that you share to offer up new content to your readers.


Consult & Gather

Meet with a specialist to explain your goals for your new page. What information you would like to present to users, review the page layout, and start sending any content you have ready.

Build & Review

Your specialist will take your content and create your new page. Once they are done, you can review and request revisions.

Publish & Enjoy

With your new page complete you can share your new content with clients. Plus you get 3 days to request finale revisions.

How long will it take?

Most new pages are complted in 5 days. You can have your new paged rushed or expidited if you need it sooner.

  • Standard 3 days + $0.00 100% 100%
  • Rush 48 hours + $25.00 65% 65%
  • Rush 24 hours + $60.00 36% 36%

Get Started

You can get start by paying a 25% deposit, Then you’ll be taken to the scheduling screen to schedule your meeting with a specialist to start planning your new page.


Pay a 25% deposit per item


  • Other services will be billed separately.
  • The service does not include the creation of illustrations (graphics) or editing of photos.
  • Project time starts after consultation
  • Completion time is dependent on user returning required content time to meet time goals.
  • Any time spent waiting for user to submit or return content or information does not count towards your time goals.