ProjectKit Setup


Work with our IdeaKit Specialist to setup and customize your IdeaKit Website Kit for you. Then when will help you with training to use your website features for your business.

25% deposit to start

Pay a 25% deposit per item
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The Process

Consult and Gather

With a specialist, together we will plan your website. Create a site map of how your website will flow and how features will work. Reveiw and select a layout to customize. Create your project space for you to submit your content and media.

Setup and Build

We will activate your website and features. Create your pages, setup features, apply and customize page layouts.


Once your pages are ready for review we’ll go over your pages for edits and changes. As well test a client use sceniaro.


What’s a great website that you can’t use? After your revisions are completed we will spend time training you and a member of your team to use your website and active features.


Your IdeaKit setup includes 30 days of extended revisions.
Plus, you can use the included support on how to use your website and its features after.
Plus, you can always use our professional services going forward to add new content, run newsletter and ad campaigns, add new products and service and more.



* Page count for page creation is for non-system related pages and non-essential system pages. Product and Services pages, bio pages, contact us, home page, etc.

** An item is what the feature is meant to be used for. Adding products to your e-commerce, Adding services to your appointment software, Adding users to your site are example of item for a feature.