Customer Relationship Management, Project Manager, Invoicing and Payments, Appointments and more.

C.R.M., Project Management, Invoicing and More!

No matter the size of your business this website kit gives you the tools to run your business like the visionary you are.

Connect With Users On Every Platform

No matter the device. Smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Your website and it features will work. Plus, with the optional iOS and Android App extension your can offer your users a consistent experience everywhere.


Professionally setup and designed for you.

Each IdeaKit is professionally setup and designed by one of our IdeaKit Specialist. Leaving you free to focus on your business, while we build your website kit.
Plus, you can use our IdeaKit Specialist anytime to keep your website content up to date.


Start with the ideakit core features

Customizable Website

An insanely fast and incredibly intuitive front end editor like nothing you have seen before.

Beautiful Designs

Professionally designed website templates for you to quickly start or update your website.

Marketing Tools

Turn your visitors into clients using our set of marketing tools, from search to social

Audience Analytics

Get deep insights about how your users interact with your website.


Get more traffic to your site, boost your PageRank and grow your business.


Stay connected with users and clients with the built in newsletter maker.


A team of designers and specialist to setup and customize your website.

Website Domain

Brand your website with a custom domain name.

Unlimited Storage

Stay connected with users and clients with the built in newsletter maker.

Many More Features

Each website kit has features unique to it. Click to below to find your IdeaKit and Get started.

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AgencyKit Essentials

50GB of Storage
Appointment Features
Project Manager Core
Events and Ticketing Core
E-learning Core

Professional Setup:
Specialist Consultation
Creation and Design of up to 10 pages

$949 setup with 2 months hosting credit
$95 per month after 2 months of hosting credit
Early Access Promotion
$806 setup with 3 months hosting credit
$95 per month after 3 months of hosting credit

Appointments and Bookings

Take appointments, book services, and reserve locations.


Step-by-step booking wizard

An alternative way of scheduling appointments by choosing one parameter (service, employee, date) at each step

Calendar view

A convenient Calendar view on the back-end, giving a full overview on all the appointments and the statuses

Appointment Management

Flexible Appointment Management page, with an option to add appointments by your staff from the admin dashboard.

Unlimited Events and Tickets

Create unlimited events and tickets.

No Commissions or Services Fees

Recieve the full payment for your events by never paying any booking service fees.


Email notifications to the customer and provider when the appointment status changes.


Create appointment calendars for multiple locations.

Unlimited Employees

Create unlimited employees to create accept appointments

Google Calendar Synchronization

Let your employees keep track of all appointments in their own Google Calendar.

Custom services schedule

Take advantage of full scheduling flexibility with the custom services schedule feature - configure the working hours and breaks individually per service and employee combinations.

Multiple Services

Create appointment calendars for multiple services.


Get notified when a client books a service and let clients know if their appointment is booked or pending.

Unlimited Clients

Accept appointments for as many people as you can handle.

Project Manager Core

Project manager for you, your team, and clients. Track projects, discuss and share files.


Project Dashboards

Unique project dashboard for each user, giving them an overview of the projects they’ve been assigned.

Project Breakdown

Quick breakdown of completed, active, and yet-to-start projects.


Assign projects and tasks to users so your team knows what they need to do, and by when

Project Calendars

Keep track of upcoming milestones and deadlines.

Document Management

Store important documents and their status. Clients can upload, approve, and reject documents.

Milestone Tracking

Create milestones that your project needs. Assign messages, task lists, and tasks to each milestone. Track the progress, see which are falling behind.

Project Messaging

Keep discussions grouped with the projects, phases, and tasks they pertain to.

Task lists

See and complete any tasks assigned to you.

Status and Timing

Track the level of completion against the time elapsed. See if you’re ahead, behind, or on schedule.

Progress Calculation

Phase and project completion is automaticly calculated based on task completion and hours allocated.

Project Phases

Projects can be segmented into separate groups of task “phases.” Each phase has its own set of tasks, documents, and discussions.

Event Management and Ticketing Core

Create and manage events. Sell tickets and check attendance.


Unlimited Events

Unlimited Events and Tickets
Create unlimited events and tickets.

Unlimited Attendees

Unlimited Events and Tickets
Create unlimited events and tickets.

Event Check-in Web App

Desktop and mobile check-in web app.


Coming Soon…

AgencyKit Professional

120GB of Storage
Appointment Features
Project Manager Core
Project Manager Pro
Events and Ticketing Core
Events and Ticketing Pro
Community Features
E-learning Core
E-learning Pro

Professional Setup:
Specialist Consultation
Creation and Design of up to 10 pages

$949 setup with 2 months hosting credit
$95 per month after 2 months of hosting credit
Early Access Promotion
$806 setup with 3 months hosting credit
$195 per month after 3 months of hosting credit

Project Manager Pro

All the tools from project manager core, plus a lot more.


Department Projects

Enable groups, teams, and departments to create, manage, and collaborate on their own projects!

Kaban Board

  • Create unlimited custom boards according to your need
  • Drag and drop tasks from one board to another anytime
  • Create new task right from any board whenever you want
  • Get an exact idea of the current stages of all the tasks from one place

Gantt Chart

  • Observe the duration of the tasks through horizontal bar graphs
  • Change beginning and finishing dates of the tasks or projects
  • Assess dependencies among different tasks and subtasks

Sequential Tasks

Require that tasks and phases be completed in sequence. Ensure that projects happen in the sequence they’re intended. Designate which tasks are “sequential” thereby preventing users from marking them complete until the previous task has been complete.


  • Break your long tasks into as many portion as you need.
  • Assign several workers for several tasks.

Project Delays

Keep track of project delays and adjusted end dates automatically through Project Panorama.

New User Projects

Automatically create and assign a project to new users upon registration

Project Galleries

Add an image gallery to your project page, giving your clients a clear idea of your progress in a visual way.

Budgets and Expenses

Each project can have a defined total budget and users with the proper permissions can add expenses against the budget. Categorize expenses and generate reports by category to develop a better understanding of the largest cost categories in your business.

Event Management and Ticketing Pro

Events management core plus a lot of extras.


Event Check-in

Check users in through the iPhone, Android, or chrome desktop app.

Bulk Purchases

Allow your customers to purchase any number of tickets for more than one event at once!

Online Payments

Accept payments through paypal and stripe.

SMS Notifications

Be in instant touch with your customers and employees - communicate with them through SMS text messages.

Seating Charts

Let your attendees choose the best seats for your show! Create stunning floor plans of your venue with simple drag and drop interface.

Advanced Notifications

Create notifications for reschulding, cancelations, and more

Ticket Builder

Create as many ticket templates as you need. That way each ticket type (Standard, VIP, etc.) may have completely different look and feel to it.

Bar Code Reader

No smartphone? No problem. Barcode readers improve the whole check-in process, decrease the time of the check-in, leave less crowd at the door of your venue and make your attendees more happy!

Event Check-ins

Check attendees in with the Smartphone apps for iOS and Android platforms or with the cross-platform Chrome Desktop app. Perfect for checking in attendees on larger events or events without Internet coverage.

Custom Fields for booking forms

Construct the booking form to match your business best - configure the custom fields (checkboxes, textareas, etc.) to collect any additional necessary information from your customers.

Role Base Pricing

Show your appreciation to your loyal users by giving them different prices than your regular guests or by giving different levels of prices for different roles

Multiple Ticket Types

Create multiple ticket types for one or more events, set ticket quantity limits (ticket quantity per purchase, available check-ins per ticket…)

Community and Social Features

Your private social network for your users or intranet for business departments. 


Member Profiles

Users can create and update profiles, including the use of profile photos.

Friendship Connection

Users can befriend one another. The site owner can decide what special abilities friends have with regard to one another.

Private Messages

A robust private messaging system for yourusers to send private messages. Users can choose whether or not to receive an email notification when someone sends them a message.

Activity Streams

Activity streams provide a quick digest of the recent activity going on within a site or with regard to a particular user.


Members recieve notifications for new messages, friend request, and group activities.


Users can form and join groups. Groups can be public or private. Administrators can choose to let their users create groups or join groups of created by the administrator.

E-Learning Pro

Comming Soon…

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