New Amelia Employee


Have a specialist add a new employee to your Amelia appointment and booking service.

Pay a 25% deposit per item

Have a new team member?

Work with one of our specialist to add your new team member to the Amelia appointment for you.


Create a new user


Add users as Amelia employee


Setup employee Google Calendar sync


Set employee working hours


Setup Zoom and Amelia linking for employee


Setup Google Meet and Amelia linking for employee


Consult & Gather

After paying your deposit you can schedule your video meeting with a specialist and tell them about your new employee. You can also have them availiable to answer questions.

Create, Review and Train

Then your specialist add your new employee to Amelia. After you and your specialist will review your new employee in Amelia.


With your new employee setup in Amelia they can start taking appointments. Plus you get 3 days to request final revisions.

How long will it take?

In most cases adding and setting up a new employees  in Amelia is completed during your video meeting. The total meeting usually take 1-2 hours.

  • Standard 1-2 hours 20% 20%

Get Started

You can get start by paying a 25% deposit, Then you’ll be taken to the scheduling screen to schedule your meeting with a specialist.


Pay a 25% deposit per item


  • Other services will be billed separately.
  • The service does not include the creation of new service for Amelia.
  • Project time starts during consultation
  • Completion time is dependent on you returning required content time to meet time goals.
  • Any time spent waiting for you to submit or return content or information does not count towards your time goals.