An Introduction to IdeaKit, Website Kits for Business
by the Nerd Intelligence Agency.

Welcome to IdeaKit, by the Nerd Intelligence Agency. The website kits platform for businesses. Our goal with our IdeaKit platform is to provide you with the tools and services to enable you to build the thriving business of your dreams.

What is IdeaKit

IdeaKit is a collection of website kits. Each kit is based on the IdeaKit Core but offers you focused features to enable you to pick a website kit that has the features you’re looking for; for your business. IdeaKit is more than just a website; It is a platform for your business.

We currently have six website kits, with more coming.


Offers appointment and, event booking, deposits, and more. This Kit is great for businesses that rely on time management. Salons, Gyms, trainers.


Project management for your teams and clients from your website. With deposits and billing, file transfers, task management, project phases, project messaging, and more.


Everything for your photography business. Create proofing galleries for clients. Create downloadable galleries. Charge for prints. accept deposits, make appointments, and more.


For the business that needs to offer their clients multiple services. Project Management, Appointment and Event Booking, Community features, Online Courses, and more.



The website kit for churches. This kit gives you everything you need for your church’s website.


Create your social network for your community. User profiles, groups, messaging, and more.

So… What is the IdeaKit Core you might ask?

The IdeaKit Core is the base of all of our website kits. It is a business-focused website platform and service. Made to give you the tools to turn your ideas into a business.

Marketing Tools

Turn your visitors into clients using our set of included marketing tools.

Audience Analytics

Get deep insights into how your users interact with your website.

Search Engine Optimized

Get more traffic to your site, boost your PageRank and grow your business.

Newsletter Maker

Stay connected with users and clients with the built-in newsletter maker.


Easily track & follow up queries with leads, subscribers & clients.


Included with all website kits. Sale your services or products to clients.

Memberships and Private Client Areas

Create unlimited memberships for your clients to give them access to private client areas. Free memberships or paid.

Website Domain

Every website kit comes with a free domain. YOURBUSINESS.com

Specialist Services

After your website is completed, use our specialist services to create a new newsletter, pop-up, or marketing campaign for you.

Many More Features

Each website kit has its own features focused on a business idea.

What services do we offer?

All of our website kits are set up and customized for you by one of our trained IdeaKIt Specialists. Who will work with you and walks you through understanding our website kits, their features, and how you can use them for your business. After your website is completed you can use our IdeaKit Specialist Services to keep your website updated with new content and help you create newsletters and forms. Create online marketing campaigns and more.

Early access promotion

Access to IdeaKit and the website kits are currently limited. You can gain access by joining our early access promotion. During our promotion, you will receive up to 40% off your website kit.

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